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Dear applicants!

We invite you to study at the National University of Food Technologies at the Department of Technology of Meat and Meat Products, which is one of the leading departments of the University, which provides training for specialists in the educational degrees «Bachelor» (specialty «Food Technology and Engineering»), «Master» (specialization «Technologies of storage, preservation and processing of meat») from the specialty 181 «Food Technologies» and «Doctor of Philosophy» .Future specialists receive the professional training at the Department of Technology Meat and Meat Products which is headed by a professor Lyudmila Vasylivna Peshuk. The Department of Meat and Meat Products technology is a team of like-minded people, who are united by the common desire to prepare specialists of the independent Ukraine for the meat processing industry.

During the existence of the department (which celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2016), more than 10,000 highly qualified specialists, who work not only in Ukraine but also abroad, were trained. The department has 4 educational and research laboratories, they are equipped with modern devices and equipment, there is also a computer class with computers connected to the local Internet. Students are engaged in research work in various areas of research since the third year. The results are discussed at annual university conferences for young scientists, postgraduates and students «Scientific achievements of youth - solving nutritional problems of humanity in the XXI century». The results are implemented at the enterprises of the industry, if they are of practical importance. Students' scientific work, relevant for the present, takes prize places at all-Ukrainian and international competitions of student works. The best graduates of the magistracy have the opportunity to continue their postgraduate studies. All students from other cities provide places in the university campus's dormitory. Young people have the opportunity to go to military training and get an officer title. Students' training at the Department of Technology of Meat and Meat Products combines the professional training of a technologist with the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills obtained at the leading enterprises of the industry during the passage of technological and pre-diploma practice. Part-time and distance learning forms give an opportunity to obtain a bachelor's and master's level education for industrial workers and graduates of secondary education institutions without interruption from production. The department has organized training for a shorter term for persons who have received the educational level of a junior specialist.

The department of meat and meat products technology is constantly expanding the geography of the enterprises of the branch, on the basis of which students undergo technological and pre-diploma practice: JSC «Myronivsky Hliboproduct», «Masar-Agro», «Complex Agromars», «Globynsky meat-packing plant» , «Tulchymyaso», «Zhytomyr meat-packing plant», «Cherkassy food company», Myronivsky MPP «Lehko», PJSC «Kremenchugmia», ALC «Meat-processing plant «Yatran» and others.

The logical completion of study at the university is the protection of qualifying bachelor's and master's degrees. The Department of Technology of Meat and Meat Products is the coordinator of inter-departmental complex projects, the implementation of which involves students of different specialties, and the

protection of works carried out directly at the enterprises of the industry. Examining commissions include managers of meat processing enterprises, which contributes to the closer contact of producers with scientists.

The pride of the department is its graduates. It is difficult to overestimate the contribution that contributed and contribute to the development of food industry of Ukraine graduates of the Department of Technology of Meat and Meat Products, which are headed by leading enterprises and industry. The Ukrainian land has sanctified and brought to the path of accomplishments of the graduates who are proud of the department - Heroes of Ukraine, General Director of the corporation «Luganskyyasoprom» - Tetyana Molchanova and Chairman of the Board of CJSC «Myronivsky Hliboproduct» Yuriy Kosyuk The university has created all the conditions for the full development of students. Our sports complex is one of the best in Kyiv, where students have every opportunity to improve their skills in sections of such sports: basketball, volleyball, swimming, mini-football, boxing and others. The Center for Cultural and Aesthetic Education of the University promotes the development of students' creative abilities. They can develop their

talents in amateur circles: theatrical, dance, choir, in a fun and smart club. Our students take an active part in amateur performances, the festivals are «Freshman's Day», «The Day of Tourism», «Miss NUFT», «Mr. NUFT», «The Contest of Ukrainian Song».

The specialization «Technology of storage, preservation and processing of meat» is multifaceted, promising, which offers great opportunities for talented, creative, energetic youth. Our graduates can hold the following positions: the head of the enterprise, the chief technologist, the manager, the chief engineer, the engineer-technologist, the head of the shop, the master, the head of the laboratory, the engineer of product quality control, a researcher, a scientific and pedagogical worker, a teacher, etc. They have the opportunity to work in the meat processing industry, industry associations and corporations, in commercial firms, design and research organizations, and in higher education institutions. Specialists in the specialization "Technologies of storage, preservation and processing of meat" are fully prepared for engineering, research, design and technological activities in market conditions of management, both in meat processing and in other branches of the food industry. Our graduates design the

enterprises of the industry, carry out and control the technological processes in the industry, are engaged in research work, possess skills of analysis of technological situations and optimization of technological processes, capable to carry out market segmentation of the market and determine the directions of enterprise development, to solve assortment tasks. Have the skills of working with computer technology and programming elements, searching for technical information and analyzing it; profound knowledge of sanitation, livestock breeding, veterinary expert examination, technology of primary processing of livestock and poultry, production of sausage products, meat semi-finished products and canned food, familiar with refrigeration equipment and basic technologies of food production.

The term of training:

Full-time education: Bachelor - 3 years 10 months, Master's degree - 1 year and 6 months on the basis of Bachelor's degree. Part-time form of education: bachelor - 4 years 6 months, master's degree - 1 year and 6 months on the basis of Bachelor's degree.

We are waiting for you at:

01601, Kyiv, 68 Volodymyrska street, NUFT

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Кафедра технології м’яса і м’ясних продуктів (створена у 1967 році) здійснює професійну підготовку фахівців за освітнім ступенем «Бакалавр» зі спеціальності 181 «Харчові технології», яка включає спеціалізацію «Харчові технології та інженерія» та освітнім ступенем«Магістр» за спеціалізацією «Технології зберігання, консервування та переробки м’яса»

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